DSX Therapeutics aims to capture a significant fraction of a $19 billion per year market segment of an overall $75 billion per year sepsis treatment market based upon new enabling technologies it has discovered, developed and patented. These new technologies have led to unique new products to meet existing underserved market needs for rapid diagnostic tests and effective therapeutic treatments for sepsis and severe sepsis. The mission of DSX Therapeutics is to commercialize the first effective treatment for sepsis and severe sepsis, aSeptiMabô, and the first rapid diagnostic test that is able to predict early the onset of sepsis. DSX also intends to expand its unique iNOS therapies and diagnostics into other inflammatory disorders.

Sepsis has very low Standard of Care in hospitals

Hospital-acquired infections (nosocomial infections) are preventable adverse patient events that affect approximately 2 million people in the USA every year and result in approximately 250,000 deaths per year. Sepsis is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the hospital, particularly in the ICU. Each year, at least 25 million people worldwide enter into the early stages of sepsis; this results in more than 5.6 million deaths per year. Currently, no early diagnostic test nor effective treatment exists for sepsis and severe sepsis. We are striving to change this deplorable situation, and have developed the first accurate IVD test to diagnose early the sepsis pathology and a candidate targeted monoclonal antibody therapy.

As this graph shows, more people die each year in the USA of severe sepsis and septic shock than many other major diseases.

Sepsis is not an infection; it is a personís system-wide response to an infection, which poses life threatening risk of organ dysfunction, damage and death. With this insidious pathology, the body attacks itself. Micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, can invade the body through wounds or IV lines, grow out of control, and initiate the hyperinflammatory response.

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